Family Law / Divorce

Family law encompasses the legal issues surrounding modern couples, whether or not they happen to be married. Generally, divorce, paternity, protective orders, and child protection cases are under the jurisdiction of the “family law” courts. You have a constitutional right to represent yourself in any United States court. However, you could end up losing money, time and most important, your case, not because you were wrong, but because you lacked the information to bring the correct facts to the judge’s attention.

Whether you are involved in a divorce, paternity case or an action brought by the Welfare department, the issues regarding your children are the most important. The court will decide where your kids will live, and with whom. It will also make orders that will govern the obligations of supporting any children whose welfare is under consideration, as well as determining what time the non-custodial parent will have to visit with and influence their kids. If you have reason to think your former partner poses danger to you or your children, you will need to seek help from the court in the form of a protective order.

There are many programs on and off line designed to help you navigate the system without a lawyer. It may be tempting to represent yourself in a divorce, paternity case or other family law matter. However, you are held to the same legal standard as an attorney, and will not be protected if you do or fail to do something to defend your own interests. You could end up paying more child support than is actually required under Illinois law. Your time with your children could be limited because you weren’t prepared for false allegations or claims about your parenting abilities and your relationships with your children. In the end, you could find yourself stripped of privileges that should have been yours, simply because you didn’t know how to make your case in a way the judge can understand. This is where a trained professional can provide the help you need.

Before you decide you can’t afford the help you deserve, call my conveniently located office for an appointment. I guarantee that you will receive professional and courteous personal service from me and my staff. I promise to return your calls and answer your questions promptly. I won’t foist you off on an associate. If you hire me, I am who you will get.

I am dedicated to assisting you and my fees are reasonable. Whether you choose to hire me or not, good luck. Whatever you do, please think long and hard before taking your case into your own hands. There is no reason for you to take your chances with a legal system that is strange to you. Help is just a phone call away.